Your Friends Are Using Your Business and Ideas For Free!

You don't even realise it! You may have been working in Starbucks for the last 10 years or as a Human Resource Director in corporate. Whatever you are doing now, you have information, knowledge and experience that is valuable for others. 

How about getting paid for just sharing what you know? Lets discover your business and ideas options.

Haven't you had friends calling you asking business and ideasfor some advice or help? 

Well, all of us have wealth of information and experience sitting inside us that can be used for business and ideas.

Or we may have particular interest or strength that is so natural to us that we don't even realise it!

So what is your "speciality"?

Just realise what people tend to seek your opinion about. That is probably the first area you want to search.

What are these strength I am talking about?

Well, it could be anything... from playing the piano to the ability to make friends or from gardening to kid games.

So, pause here for awhile and think, what do you do so naturally or have skills people recognise?

That could be your breakthrough for business and ideas!

Business Idea Possibilities

  • Conduct trainings
  • Consulting
  • Publish a book
  • Working online

You may have been a Human Resource Director, conducted lots of job interviews. Perhaps you have knowledge and experience to share with young graduates on how to prepare for successful job interviews.

Why not conduct trainings to help all these young graduates prepare for these stressful times?

Conducting trainings is a lucrative business. You can work on it as a freelance or as a home based utilising venues such as hotels to conduct these trainings or seminar. It can afford you lots of time freedom on the days that you are not training. So, for working mothers, this is ideal as you only need a babysitter for that few designated days. 

Or perhaps you have been a waiter in a restaurant and realise what it means to be a good waiter and get good tips from all your customer!

Let me ask you this, how many waiters would like to know this information and experience about getting good tip?

Some of us may have never imagined ourselves publishing books and didn't know you can write. Go for some courses or read a book on how to write a book. If you are passionate and willing to go through the process of getting it published, it means lots of passive income!

The best thing that happened with internet is the growth of infopreneurialship. There many people now online offering information to seekers. Afterall, when you go online, aren't you looking for some answers?

There are many ways how using the online infrastructure can help you...

  • Expand your customer base: Well, if you have already decided on venturing into training and consulting business, you need continuous flow of customers finding you. The internet allows your customers who are seeking to locate you easily anywhere in the world. The traditional methods of promotion is not only costly, it is ineffective as well.
  • Package your information: The online approach allows you to present your training information in a website so that your potential clients can clearly understand what you do. Besides that, you do not need to repeat tell this information to the hundreds of phone enquiries

    You can also sell your information in the form of an e-book! This is a much less painful process from publishing a book as you do not need to find publishing companies who will be willing to publish your book!

    What about having video and audio in your website to share these information?

    All these approach makes this information not only affordable yet it can reach many more people.

  • Win-win approach: How about providing the information you have for free and get paid! Best of all, your readers are not paying. Instead, you have advertisers who will pay you for your information. What a great way to have a win-win approach to sharing your knowledge and experience!

One of the greatest things about having an online business is that you are not going to confine your income. There are many ways to ensure that you get multiple source of income from just one website. 

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