Business Start Up Check List: The Perfect Business, The Perfect You

Whatever Business Startup Check List is only complete with these 6Ps which is your passion, personality, product, place, promotion and power team.

Learn about small business ideas and online strategies that will make you go Aha...! I got it!

I was diagnosed with leukemia at the peak of my career. I was forced to find better ways to start my own business. And that left me with no other choice than to set new criterias as a business startup check list.

The perfect business startup Check List:business start up check list

  • Minimal capital
  • Big income potential
  • Lots of time flexibility
  • Still earns money even when I am not able to manage the business
  • Able to attract very capable people to run the business
  • Doing tomorrows' business today (few competition and growing market trend)
  • Implementation of business systems

This business start up check list sounds too good to be true right?

Does perfect business really exist?

Maybe there is more to a perfect business than that. What about interest? Or Knowledge?

A few years ago, I had made up my mind that I would quit my corporate job to work on a conventional small business. That was the time I was diagnosed with leukemia. Sometimes challenges comes into our lives for reasons that we don't know.

"do something that interests you as you do it day in day out"

This is the begin of my search and I initiated my business start up check list. 

Because of my condition, I decided to remain in my corporate job as they were generous in helping me finance my medical bills. Since I also had to go for regular medical check ups, the company gave me the time flexibility if I needed. Until today, I am still very appreciative of how they have helped me!

Nonetheless, I was aware that I cannot rely on the company to provide for the rest of my life.

I believed that security happens when we know how to make it ourselves and not having our boss telling us what we deserve such as our salary. I wanted to gain complete control of my life!

Robert Kiyosaki says that there are 2 types of business, the self-employed and the business owners. We often start by being self-employed with the objective of growing ourselves to a business owner. Some business can easily be transformed to business owners because of the foundation it was build on, some rather challenging. I knew I had to be a business owner and not just settle to being self-employed. So that got in to my business startup check list too.

I had some small business ideas but didn't know where to start?

Many of my friends said firstly I need to figure out what I know and what I am passionate about.

That caught me pondering...

So, is passion over-rated?

Nope, that is exactly the first thing you should have in your business startup check list. You must obviously doing something that interests you as you do it day in day out. Otherwise, you might as well be in a job, as statistics shows 4 out of 5 people hate going to their job! Discover more about passion with BPF.

Ok... seriously, you want a business startup check list idea??

There are many hybrids of business startup check list. I want you to explore your many possibilities taking into account these 6P's i.e. your passion, personality, product, place, promotion and power team most of which are discussed with BPF.

However, lets start with the basics, choose one that best describes your current status:


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