Making Career Choices Can Be So Confusing! But Not Anymore!

How you started does not have to be how you end it! Doing what you are doing, where do you see yourself in the future? I was trained in pharmacy, worked in corporate and landed in the world of entrepreneurship. Discover your career choices too!

Denver goal settingHi, welcome to  My name is Denver, a pharmacist by training and obtained my Masters in Business Administration. Like you being a professional "job-bie", I had no experience with business. I had the same phobias as you do about business...

Shortly after my studies I worked in one of the largest US based multinational pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. I had a very progressive career profile and was taking home a decent package.

So, if you are work in a corporate job and comfortable, I completely understand you... I never understood why someone would maket career choices to quit that and risk themselves in business.

In corporate, I had to do a lot of goal settings for my job and the company. Then, it dawned on me that I had not done the goal setting for myself. If I didn't do it for myself, who is going to do if for me??

So, WHO is planning your life?

I realized that if I continued my journey in corporate, not only will I not be able to achieve my dreams, I will also not be able to retire!

What I found out was that I have always defined career goals in a job perspective. Nevertheless, having a clearer understanding of what career means, I found out that I was being too myopic as it encompasses our natural progression to self-employment or business!

As I was weighting out my career choices, I was introduced to network marketing (or MultiLevel Marketing).

MLM has never been my cup of tea!

Nevertheless, I realised the myths I had was inaccurate. I was finally lead to see multilevel marketing from a different perspective from the past and decided to take the plunge.

After 2 years in MLM business, I decided to quit my desirable job and build my business fulltime. Now, 6 years in the business, I have an organization of over ten thousand spanning across over 30 countries. This has given me a lot of experience and understanding of the unique challenges in various markets.

More importantly I realised the major shortcomings of multilevel marketing.

Nevertheless, I realise MLM was only the entry for me into the business world. Since then, I had the opportunity to work on various business ideas ranging from Google Adsense, e Commerce to conventional small business ideas.

Let me tell you this, whatever business you decide to embark on, the rules of the games are the same!

Let me share with you an example,

When I was building my multilevel marketing business, it was not entirely an easy journey. There was a point where I met with challenges of dealing with my partners. It set me back from the business temporarily.

I ventured into my other business, initially it went well too. Then it would hit a brick wall. Just like how it was with my MLM business, I had issues with my partners.

Then I remembered what Oprah mentioned, "when you are faced with challenges in life, stay on the challenge until you get the learning from that!". I left my challenge too early and didn't get my learning.

Today, I believe everyone is destined for success. God wants that of us! Being in a job is not going to allow you to discover your true potential. A business is not only rewarding in achieving the lifestyle you want but more importantly a journey of self-discovery of oneself and a natural progression of ones career choices!

With deeper understand of yourself through profilings like Wealth Dynamics, using the Business Personalisation Framework, you can gain success effortlessly

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