Definition of Success: Make Your Life Meaningful and Be Happy!
Money Is Only a By-Product!

Is success all about the money? Is it too materialistic to want money? What has happiness got to do with with success? Discover the definition of success. Explore the myths that has been hindering you from the success you deserve today!

definition of success

Is success...

  • The promotions, fancy corporate titles and big office rooms?
  • The fancy car and big bungalow house we own?
  • Or perhaps it is the bank account?

The definition of success is not only broad and varied, it is also very individualistic. Yet it changes as we grow. Nevertheless, most of the things we do and want is related to money. Does it mean that our pursuit is for money?

So, should money be in the equation at all?

When I was working in corporate, having my fancy title, I was getting a good package from the company. I didn't even have to pay for my car petrol and telephone bills. I was feeling proud of myself achievements and that was my definition of success. Nevertheless, I was in the rat race and my cheese was money!

Today, I realised I was chasing after the wrong things... yes, there is no denying money is important. However, what I realised was that, so what, after I got the money? I just got more and more of it, but was I getting the lifestyle I wanted?

What you ask for is what you get!

If money is not part of the equation, then what the definition of success?

"You don't really change, you just become more of yourself" 

- Oprah Winfrey

Our ultimate pursuit is to achieve happiness!

As I was looking through my childhood photos I saw myself when I was 4 years old. I was so happy, smiling from ear to earHappiness without a care in this world. I realised I lost that in my corporate rat race.

Then when I met my spiritual guru, I realise it is possible to be always happy! He had the most sincere and heartful smile all the time.

I said to myself, "wouldn't it be good to be like that again?"

So my quest begins...

You bought yourself nice cars, fancy gadgets, nice house or even a nice meal... did that happiness last? Probably for 6months?

Hence, if there is one word for the definition of success, the it would be happiness! If you agree happiness is our benchmark for success, here is 2 words for your pursuit:

  • Control
  • Meaningful


  • Are you in control of your life? And I do not mean work life balance that many corporate company promotes. 
  • Do you have control what time you want to wake up on monday morning? Or is that decided by someone else?
  • Do you have control where your family lives, your is that decide by your budget?
  • Do you have control of your next meal or is that controlled by the price on the right side column of the menu?

Isn't this the frustrations we all suffer?

Of course there is a way out!

I am successful when... I have no worries about money. If money is not important, then why make it part of the equation? 

My definition of success is when I have a constant flow of money so that I don't have to think about my next meal, sincerely and compassionately help people, buy what I need to buy without haggling on the price, go on vacation and truly taste the culture without budgeting.


I believe we are created for greatness, to do better for all. Each of us has a duty to determine a cause/ purpose we are truly compelled to. Like how Nelson Mandela's cause is to end racism. The passionate leaders like John F Kennedy has to land on the moon. Once you discover this, and live this purpose to make a difference to many others, you begin to lead a meaningful life.

It is all too heroistic?

No, it may be a cause to help individuals get out of debts through financial education, it could be a cause to start a business for free etc...

Your confidence is beyond doubt unshaken by skeptic remarks by the very persons we love round us. It is when a person decide to take this journey that the person will discover his/ her true destiny (, not sitting behind the office desk making our bosses richer.)

So, definition of success is leading a meaningful life. Find ways to get paid well from doing just what you are passionate about. You'll have so much fun and money just comes to you automatically!


Success Quotes

"Success is about the journey not the destination

- Ben Sweetland

This quote really brought a lot of meaning to me. A few years ago, I was questioning why is my life is not working out the way I wanted it to be? I have done all there is to do.

Turns out, I was merely focused on the destination. Now I realized that during that journey to pursue my success, the challenge were important stepping stones for me to learn and be "big" enough for the money.

You see, earning big money, means having big money issues too. So, by growing, I learn how to handle these issues and the money comes automatically.

Hence, success is a personal journey. You cannot even compare what you have with others... it is a journey of getting to know yourself better.

The truth is that to succeed, you only need to know your best traits and how to enhance it. Putting together a team who has likeminds to support each other in their weaker traits just like the Business Personalisation Framework.

Success Quotes

"The money you receive depends on the state of your emotion"

When I accepted that it was just a journey, I began to embrace the challenges and was a much happier person. The funny thing was that being happy, naturally attracted more money to me! So I realised that if I just try hard everyday, handling challenges as they come along, and keeping myself happy, more money just flows to me. What a revelation it was to me!

So let us achieve success together and enjoy this journey, for the side effects of this journey is abundance wealth pouring on us. This is the true definition of success!

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