Basic Internet Business Ideas For Beginners

Everyone's talking about going online. However, what does it actually mean? Do you need to build a website? Discover about the wonders of internet business ideas and how you can get started without a single cent!

internet business ideasInternet is a trend that many people are aware of its power. However, very few people know how to tap on this fountain of wealth. Many conventional businesses realise this potential and have jumped in the band wagon by having their own website.

Unfortunately, being successful with internet business ideas isn't just about publishing your own websites. Most will realise this and will be greatly dissapointed.

A Little Background...

E.g. the time that some of the famous people reach their first billion:

  • Henry Ford (Ford cars manufacturer) - 25 years
  • Sam Waldon (Wal-Mart) - 20 years
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft computer systems) - 13 years
  • Michael Dell (Dell Computers) - 5 years
  • Jeff Bezos ( - 3 years

Today, as I listen to my dad speaks, he would often say, "you know, if I only knew, I would have bought a lot more properties here and here and here!" 

Not spotting the trends and afraid off the risk, he would have this regret. 

I don't want to miss the next wave!

Neither should you!

Three categories of
Internet Business:

  • e-Commerce
  • e-Content
  • e-Connection

As I chat with my friends about the internet, there are still many of my friends who ask me "is it safe?" I can't help to keep a straight face but give a smirky smile.

Little do they know that with modern advancement, in fact, it is safer to use your credit card on the internet than in the petrol pump stations.

Anyway, for me, it is an economic trend that I cannot miss. I don't care if I know it, I want to learn it.


In the last 10 years, internet business ideas has grown more than than any other industries. Imagine, you can transact just about anything on the internet. Most banks are now available online! Why shouldn't I?

What took a conventional business 5 years or more to achieve, with internet, this can be achieved in less than a year.

The internet has given us individuals the opportunity to make the world our playground. No longer we are constrained by location we conduct our business.

Hence, you could live in a small town of 5000 population and yet still reach the audience of the world 1.6 billion and be very successful!

Internet Business Ideas

There are numerous ways you can start internet business ideas. They can be summed up to these 3 categories.

  • e-Commerce e.g.
  • e-Content e.g. Google Adsense, Affiliate Internet Marketing
  • e-Connection e.g.

Embarking on internet business ideas has the following advantages:

  • Low capital to start your own business
  • You can sell just about anything
  • Potential to reach the world wide market
  • Easily expandable
  • Low advertising costs

The greatest disadvantage of starting your own internet business is that it requires patience to learn and build your own website.

How You Can Start Online For Free?

If you have used the Business Personalisation Framework, you would realise that Mechanics has great patience in putting the website system together. Nevertheless, a team with a Trader will be able to provide help to source for the best product at the lowest price. Or perhaps the Creator would contribute an innovative idea of how to market the product ahead of competition. Each of them do it effortlessly!

Unfortunately, most web development companies who offers to build your own website, cannot write the contents as passionately as you would. Most importantly many are unaware of how to search engine optimise (SEO) the website so that your customers can search you easily and generate traffic. Today, you can built your own money generating website effortlessly.

Here are some internet business ideas:

  1. Write something you are passionate about
  2. Your work experience could be extremely valuable for someone else
  3. Put the valuable knowledge you have into an eBook and sell that
  4. Discovered a good product and believe you can market it better
  5. Have your own products and want to expand your distribution to the world
  6. Make your service known and attract more clients

How You Can Start Online For Free?

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