CSF #2: Leverage- The Secret Law Of Success

Most employees don't realise this, time does not equal money! Are you investing time for money? Have you learn the law of success through leverage? Discover the kept secret millionaires use to motivate you to work for them!

The root word for leverage, lever, comes from an old French word meaning “to make lighter”. By using a lever, even a big load can be made so light that a child could easily move it.

A business owner basically invest to leverage the time of his employees. Hence, if he employs 20 staff, he is leveraging 1:20, the more employees the greater leverage. After all, we all have only 24 hours and success lies in how effectively we use this 24 hours. Nevertheless, most employees are cost centers and have to invest their time.

Apart from higher quantity of leverage, the quality of leverage is also a factor to consider. In the above example, does the 20 employees work as hard as the business owner, since they don’t own it? If you have 20 partners who has the same earning potential, wouldn't you be leveraging optimally?

Being a pharmacist by profession, one of the first business I had in mind was to open my own retail pharmacy. Not only the investment was too much for me, most importantly for me was the fact that my income is limited to 1 shop and me spending 10 hours in that retail outlet. 

With my potential income of perhaps USD15,000 per month. Then I realize, I could be in a partnership where we only invest a few hours a day to earn equally USD15,000 each. Obviously, the latter scenario is better, wouldn't you agree? Nevertheless, I have a deep sense of skepticism about partnership and if it really works. 

How much leverage do you get in your business? How can a entrepreneur enter into a partnership that allows maximum leverage without the potential disagreements or conflicts?

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