Multilevel Marketing Is A Scam!?

Learn about the solid facts that separates what makes a scam and a genuine Multilevel Marketing opportunity. People will never mess around with you when you tell them these facts.

multilevel marketingIt is rather amusing when I meet friends who are in a job, they would ask if there is any business opportunity and immediately exclaim "anything but MultiLevel Marketing!"

I realised that most often, people resend the business not if it is 'do-able'. Rather, it is perceived as unfair!

How can an upline earn all the money, buy a million dollar house whilst his downlines struggles on today's meal?

This business must be illegal?

In all fairness, most of these uplines has paid the price in getting where they are. The company fulfills the promise of paying him/ her a lifetime of royalty for building that distribution network. 

Just like how a person starts a retail store, he puts in all the efforts to build relationship with his customers. When these customers become regulars, he is getting sales for the principal or supplier. This income is pretty sustainable isn't it? 

So how would you know if you are going to be compensated fairly and that the business is legal?

Whilst there are many conditions set forth by the FTC. If you use these 3 criterias as a prelimary accessment guide, you would know very quickly:

  • Is there a tangible product? Which means that you are not collecting money from prospects for just the intention of recruiting people. Customers must be able to pay and get a tangible product in return.

  • Is there an equal opportunity between upline and downline? Ponzi schemes spreads very fast and the people who joined it earlier on will earn the most. People who joined later will often find themselves caught in this scheme. Just look at Amway, they have been around for 50 years and they are still going strong.

  • Is the commission pay out from the company or from the upline? This ruling was passed in Singapore as there was a problem that upline would keep the commissions of the downlines or short changing them. So if the commission is paid by the company then the your commission is not manipulated.

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