Professionals Walk Away From Years Of Success To Join Network Marketing Business!

Network Marketing business has been around for decades yet, it has only recently attracted professionals. Find out the 7 great lies in network marketing and discover if network marketing business is your cup of tea.

It is rather interesting to see many professionals like doctors, accountants, teachers etc are leaving years of hard work and success to start a new career in one of those Network Marketing opportunities. 

What is it that they know that others don't?

I used to think to myself that Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing is not my cup of tea!

Being a professional, I thought it was only a part-time job that housewifes do to occupy their time. Neither was I able to make sales like that.

Unfortunately, it is an industry that requires time and persistence for one to understand its true nature of business. Nevertheless, the apparent advantages of the business idea is 

  • Low start up capital
  • Low risk
  • You do not need any qualifications to be successful
  • Time flexibility
  • Lots of leverage from a team
  • Established business system
  • No need to manage back end operations like accounting, finance etc that a conventional business requires.

Nevertheless, if network marketing business was really that good, then wouldn't you see everyone earn money? In fact, this industry, just like I mentioned, has an attrition rate similar to conventional small business of 90% in the first year.

The business has been promoted so beautifully and you cant help but wonder if your friend is telling you the truth. Learn about the 7 great lies they tell you about network marketing when you sign up for Aha! Newsletter. (I must warn you, if you are building a MLM business, the facts here may not be to your liking!)

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Through my observation, people who tend to be successful in network marketing are not sales people, neither sociable people that you see in every crowds.

Network marketing is a lifestyle business where one would learn to incorporate promotions of the products or business in daily conversation when needed and not selling it. I am sure you agree with me, there are some individuals who does this so naturally like the Star profile personality where people want to take their advice. Nevertheless, the Mechanics are able to put together a duplicable system that more people can achieve success.

Despite the skepticism, the network marketing industry produces more millionaires than any other industries. If you don't have much money to start a business and do not know how to start a business, network marketing is a good place to start. 

The reason being, the speed to achieve success can be fast especially with lots of guidance from uplines to speed up the learning curve. So, choose your uplines carefully. They need to share your interest to success sincerely.

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"Last month, I was one of the top performers in selling the juicers, second only after a veteran. In a short span of only about seven months, I have recruited ten downlines - something I've never done before."
~ Sara Ding

"I treat network marketing like a "real" business. You cannot thrive on a system that requires enrolling only eight customers, all of whom are family and friends. As I watch my traffic, leads, retail sales and enrollments increase, I am convinced that there is no better way to build a network marketing lead generation source that brings in the kind of quality leads you would pay a fortune for anywhere else."
~ James Beane