Blindman Made A Fortune in Network Marketing Opportunity. So Why Do People Fail?

Network marketing opportunity is probably the simplest and cheapest business opportunity. Discover the 8 common pitfalls of people who fail and impress your upline with your new mindsets!

"A person with no sight can build an empire for he did not loose his vision. A person with no vision might as well be dead."

network marketing opportunityThere are 8 common pitfalls of why people fail in a network marketing opportunity. If you become aware of these, then the solution to succeed would be to do the opposite.
  1. They have no vision
  2. They do not take the business seriously
  3. They have doubts
  4. They do not invest time to master the business
  5. They think it is a 'Get-rich-quick-scheme'
  6. They have no focus
  7. They don't know how to present the business
  8. They have no clearly defined goals

  1. They have no vision
  2. One of the biggest reason why people fail in a network marketing opportunity is that they don't have a vision of where the business can lead them.

    Imagine they meet their prospects and presented the network marketing opportunity. Then they tell their prospects, "I think this business works", "I am tiring to see if this business works". Will prospects be inspired to join them?... unlikely!

    Spend some time to formulate your vision with this new venture. What sort of lifestyle do you want to achieve with the business?

    Do not be embrassed to share your vision. With a foundation of vision, there is no challenges in the business that will stop you!

    How to Formulate Vision?


    What are your top 3 compelling reasons and burning desires for joining network marketing?

  3. They do not take the business seriously
  4. People often view a network marketing opportunity as a small time business for part time income. Hence, they do not take the business seriously. Why do people view network marketing as a small-time business?

    • They look down on the business due to the very fact that it is a network marketing business
    • They listen to people who tried but failed in the business
    • Most importantly is that people view this as a small business because they did not need to invest large capital to get started.

  5. They have doubts
  6. This is probably one of the biggest and fastest killer! They do not spend time to understand the business. The common doubts that they have are:

    • Is this business legal?
    • Is the company secure?
    • Who will buy these products?
    • Are the products too expensive?
    • Can my friends afford it?
    • Can I do the business?
    • Will I loose my friends?
    • etc....

    What happens next is, with this doubts still in their minds, they share the business with their friends. When their friends mentions one of their doubts, they immediately gives into their friends, instead of helping them understand the business from a better perspective.

  7. They do not invest time to master the business
  8. Most people starting out in the business, has high enthusiasm about the network marketing opportunity and the believe in achieving their dreams. However, they don't invest time to master the business. They never allocate time to read, to attend trainings or even to meet up their uplines to learn.

    People with a professional degree spend at least 3 years to qualify with a certificate and earn wages. Shouldn't they invest similar effort to learn to qualify themselves to earn their first million?

  9. They think it is a 'Get-rich-quick-scheme'
  10. Network marketing is a referral business. However, many people immediately associate it to a "get-rich-quick" scheme. "Get-rich-quick" scheme in any country is illegal. 

    Nevertheless, they to hope to join today and get their first million in one month. It does not help when the presenter also does not help them understand that it involves work. Any legitimate business involves work in order to gain income.

    Nevertheless, the income that is gained here is significantly more than previous modes like employment and traditional business. 

  11. They have no focus
  12. Many people fail in network marketing because they do not have focus! They are trying to do so many things at the same time. 

    Imagine if you have a child, you gives him piano lessons and coaches him well. Will he grow up to be a professional pianist? On the other hand, if you have a child you teaches him piano and in his spare time also learns violin, guitar and drums, will he grow up to be a professional pianist?... unlikely!

    One thing that all of us have in common, irregardless of education backgrounds, financial backgrounds, age etc... is that all of us have exactly 24hours a day. Success is awarded to individual who uses this 24 hours effectively.

  13. They don't know how to present the business
  14. One of the greatest advantage of network marketing is the ability to learn and leverage from successful seniors. However, some people take this literally and do not take ownership of the business. 

    They are reliant on their seniors to present the business to their friends. Their seniors will have many downlines to assist and it is impossible to have them present the plan to everyone of their prospects. Imagine how many opportunities they lose if they are dependant on other to do the presentation for them.

  15. They have no clearly defined goals
  16. Most people have visions/ dreams. However, often times, people who fail are people who do not plan! They do not put these dreams into definite time frames. Maybe they lack believe or are afraid of failures.

    It is important to clearly define your goals which will keep you motivated on a daily basis. As each goal is a milestone to achieving the greater Vision.

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"Last month, I was one of the top performers in selling the juicers, second only after a veteran. In a short span of only about seven months, I have recruited ten downlines - something I've never done before."
~ Sara Ding

"I treat network marketing like a "real" business. You cannot thrive on a system that requires enrolling only eight customers, all of whom are family and friends. As I watch my traffic, leads, retail sales and enrollments increase, I am convinced that there is no better way to build a network marketing lead generation source that brings in the kind of quality leads you would pay a fortune for anywhere else."
~ James Beane