The Truth About Network Marketing System! I Stopped Listening To My Uplines And I Started Making Money!

Does Network Marketing system duplication work? My uplines forces me to talk to people his way. He will be amazed at how fast I am generating leads MY WAY!

network marketing system One of the biggest selling point is Network Marketing system duplication. How many times have you heard "I am your upline, I have made success, so just shut up, listen and do!"

What most uplines fail to recognise is that "great leaders always innovate, they don't duplicate". In that arrogance of duplicating their system, uplines virtually chase away their greatest leaders.

If you are an upline reading this, let me ask you this... "Is there really a proven system for duplication?" That system that was duplicated in a team succeeded but somehow, it required adjustments with another team of yours isn't it?

Uplines need to respect downlines come from different cultures, they have different personality profiles and they come with different talents. Not maximizing on each individual talents is stupidity. I have no intention to de-edify uplines. In fact, downlines need to equally respect and learn to leverage from their uplines too.

Sure, there are some basic knowledge that uplines can duplicate and impart to his/ her organisation for example, to really survive in network marketing, one would need to continually have fresh leads. Nevertheless, how this is done is quite entirely different from one individual to another?

I had seen uplines that insist that the business must be done and duplicated in a particular fashion and prospecting online will not work! Yeah, it didn't work for them, or they didn't know how to make it work, however, they may have a downline who was able to do just that! 

What is more important for uplines is to empower and encourage innovation in the team. Uplines who don't probably loose the respect and relationship with probably the greatest leader in their network. 

So does duplication actually exist in network marketing?

Yes! The leader is the system duplicated. What really should be duplicated is the believe and enthusiasm of the upline. It should be contagious. Another network marketing system duplication is the heart factor. The genuine care that every individual has a chance to succeed.

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