Top Scholar Talked To 100 people, All He Got Was Excuses! Want Some Network Marketing Tip?

Your prospects are giving you all sorts of excuses for not joining you. Here is your greatest network marketing tip, discover what your prospects really mean and turn all your rejections to sign ups today!

  • network marketing tipDo you want to know if you are presenting the business opportunity correctly?
  • Is your prospects not signing up because of you or them?
  • Why is the answers provided by my upline not working?

Did you realise the majority of prospects you presented the business to seem to give you the same questions or objections? They may not be difficult questions, and you are answering them as your upline told you. However, they always recur!

The answer to your success lies here!

I am not talking about every single objections or questions you get. You can check with your upline the standard answer for that question.

It's just that each of us will have an objection which is uniquely common for us. I call it the X-factor objection. Everyone could have a X-factor objection that they don't even realise until today! It is a powerful network marketing tip that will turn things around!

There is in fact a deeper hidden message from the prospect to you. Have you ever thought about what it really means?

Here are some examples of X-factor objections and network marketing tip...

  1. A number of my prospects tell me "The business is good, but I can't do the business like you do."
  2. After I have presented the business opportunity, my prospects does not want to sign up neither does he have any questions for me. It's so strange...
  3. They often ask me a lot about the company profile?

Do you know why?

This is probably what you are doing when you are with your prospects and the hidden message they are sending you.

  1. If they tell you "The business is good, but I can't do the business like you do"

  2. What they really mean...

    They see the business potential but they dont like the way that you are conducting the business. It seems like a sales job. "I cannot do sales and I am not persuasive. I don't like to beg people for the sales."

    Network Marketing Tip

    You have grown in the business as the prospects are now able to see the potential of the business better. However, you don't need to promote too hard. Ease off the selling. Also, keep your session with your prospect brief. If you are spending more than 45mins, thats excessive and you are probably repeating yourself.

  3. After you have presented the business opportunity, the prospects does not want to sign up neither does he have any questions for you.
  4. What they really mean...

    You definately have done a great job in presenting the business opportunity. It is so perfect that he doesn't know what to ask. Hack, you even knew the question he was going to ask you and answered him.

    Secondly, you may be too defensive when the prospects ask you questions. Before he can finish his questions, you quickly rebuke an answer that your upline has kindly provided. He feels like whatever he says you are going to shoot him down.

    Network Marketing Tip

    What is more important? for the prospect to understand the business or for you to look good presenting?

    Definately for the prospect to understand. Present your business opportunity briefly intentionally leaving out some information that you know they would need to know. Then during the questions time, you can intentionally ask them "Aren't you interested to know how long this company has been established?"

    Secondly, keep your calm when prospect as you questions. Sincerely listen to what they have to say and allow them to finish what they have to say. Pause a little while before answering them with the feel, felt, found method. The idea is that the objection is coming from their perspective, which you should welcome, then answer them in order for them to understand it from your perspective.

  5. Prospects often ask you a lot about the company profile
  6. What it means...

    It is okay for prospects in wanting to know more about the company's background. In fact, they may be interested in your business opportunity. However, if they are asking you repeatedly or excessively, they are probably doubtful about the authenticity of the company e.g. if it is legal. What is even more important is that there is a lack of trust or relationship to you.

    Network Marketing Tip

    Through out the meeting with the prospect, especially at the beginning, learn to build relationship with your prospects. Learn to instill your sincerity with prospects. This is something that you earn, not demanded.

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