You've Got It In You to Make Your New Business Ideas Explode!

Your experience and your passion has already equiped you with all you need to make your new business ideas work. Believe in yourself like how Anita Roddick of Body Shop did.

new business ideasAnita Roddick, mother of two, founded The Body Shop in March 1976. Anita with her husband caught their business idea during their visit in San Francisco Bay Area where they came across a store selling shampoos, lotions and body creams.

Roddick opened the first Body Shop with the initial aim of making an income for herself and her two daughters whilst her husband was away in the United States.

Battling various controversies, Roddick raised this business from a little store in Brighton to the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world with over 2,400 stores. 

Coming from humble beginnings, her circumstances for success was not any different. She was born in a bomb shelter in Sussex, in an Italian immigrant community. Her mother ran a cafe and was in the habit of recycling

Roddick with her husband had ventures of openning a restaurant and a hotel. Most importantly, she had the opportunity to travel extensively when she worked for the United Nations, meeting people from various cultures.

Little did she know all her life journey would result in helping her succeed with the business idea of Body Shop. Just like how her mother was in the habit of recycling, Roddick had a business idea of recycling everything.

Initially, this new business idea was not with the intend of being environmentally friendly but because they didn't have enough bottles. This eventually because a powerful marketing statement.

This story of Anita Roddick demonstrates how we as an individual  already have all it takes to succeed. You may not realise it but just do it! You will be jumping for joy discovering how your capabilities emerges.

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