CSF #1: Top Business Ideas Follow Market Trends

Top Business Ideas in the last ten years may not be today! Discover how to spot business ideas of today's market trends. Turn this crisis to your biggest opportunity!

The current global economic recession has already been predicted to happen. In fact, according to predictions, what we are seeing is not even the climax of the recession. Good business ideas arises when you are able to identify the opportunities following the market trends.

Spend some time to study the trends of the market. A good example would be the “Baby Boomers”. These are people born after the world war in between year 1945 – 1965. There is estimated 1 Billion baby boomer population.  They set the trends of the market, for example, there was a boom of baby foods company in 1950s. Following that, as these baby boomers enters the workforce, there was a growth of Ford Mustang in 1970s and subsequently real estate in 1980s.

In the beginning of the trend, average people could earn extra-ordinary income. However, at the end of the trend, only the smartest will survive.  We have to anticipate the trend in order to avoid over supply situation and emerge as one of the top business ideas.

For example, in 1980s during the computer boom. Average people who owned products relating to computer succeeded easily. This is because there is little competition, profit margins are good and demand is high.

The world changes, the trend changes.

In every crisis there is an opportunity, do you anticipate any trends?

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