Does the Top Network Marketing Company Offer The Best Opportunity? How To Choose The Right Business?

Your friend promoted to you the top network marketing company. Should you join him? Discover how to choose the right network marketing business that suits you and not what your friends say...

  • top network marketing companyThe product is important, isn't it?
  • Joining the top network marketing company is safe, isn't it?
  • Of course, we need consult your friends?

My mentor once told me "If you knew how to be successful in network marketing, wouldn't you already have that money in the bank?"

Network Marketing is quite a unique business and you have to really understand the concept of the business and your goals in the business. Is it a short term plan to get some cash or is it a longer term plan to have a passive income?


So lets look at the extremes then you can determine the balance yourself.

Short term

If you are doing the business for short term gains, you are basically going to be an independent retailer. I have known many people who during the buzz of promoting the products in MLM, earned good money to have their house renovated or bought a new car.

You don't want to be dealing with product which is introducing a concept that is new and totally radical as it will take time for people to adopt the idea. Nevertheless, if the product is dealing with hot topics like weight management or health, they are generally hot topics. 

If the products has tangible and fast result, it tend to create a buzz and makes it easier to talk about. Nevertheless, you do need to weigh it out with good and credible testimonies.

As with the company, it does not matter a lot if the company is the top network marketing company. Obviously important is to know that it is legitimate. It is really worthwhile knowing if the company has an effective and efficient ordering process. I have seen many networks like that being crushed by the fact that the company misplaced orders, or delayed in delivering the products. 

If you are selling the product for short term then get the most out of your time. Be sure that the commission payout for every item you sell is worth your time.

Long Term

If you are building your MLM business for the long term, then it is probably one of the most powerful opportunity around. 

Would you rather have sales of $1million or to have a team of leaders who earns $1million? In a competitive traditional business they would be your competitors and it is not good! In MLM, the equation is different. Your team leaders succeed, you succeed massively.

Hence, the priorities in selecting the right MLM business is an environment that would foster leadership growth. Mind you, leadership growth requires patience, persistence and trust which takes time to nurture.

Every top network marketing company would consist of various teams. Some successful, some retailers of products, some builds teams. Take time to understand if the team follows a proven methodology or system. Are new comers to the business guided effectively to succeed?

If you have good upline who sponsored you to the business, it is a bonus. Nonetheless, your success lies in your own hands. A good upline is a person who would sincerely and genuinely ensure that he makes you successful even if it means getting on your nerves and he doesn't not have to please your every demands.

Review the company's compensation plan, do they have a plan that would ensure optimal team leveraging? If your uplines has good commission from your efforts, you are definately going to get their attention. Leveraging on them to build a team of leaders makes results faster. 

What about the product in this case?

Seriously, I have seen top network marketing companies with products which are normal not highly demanded, products which are competitive or even products which are expensive, yet they succeed massively. This is only due to the tremendous patience of building a rock solid team of committed leaders. 

Building leadership ensures good duplication in the business and sustainable results. 

So can you build your MLM business short term and long term? 

It's a very tricky balance. Let me ask you, does the people who signs up to a short term building team have the same mindsets as the long term people?

Making your decision now remove a lot of unnecessary frustrations later.

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