Work From Home Careers May Make Or
Break You!

The greatest advantage of work from home careers is time freedom! It is also the biggest danger! Discover how you can program your mind to work at home, create your peak performance zone like Tiger Woods.

Effectively produce results that will amaze your clients or bosses!

The greatest advantage of work from home careers is time freedom! You are in complete control of when you want to work and it allows you to create that work life balance necessary for your family.

Interestingly, some people fear work from home careers because they would get distracted. There are also those who discovered it is a bad arrangement as they seem to be working more than they were in the office. They were able to turn off their work as they leave their offices every evening. Nevertheless, at home they were not able to turn off.

Whichever situation it is for you, the thing that you have to remember is the hours that you put in to the work does not really matter. It is the intensity and results from that time that matters the most. This means that you need to learn how to get in the zone with work from home careers!

The reason why a lot of people are successful not merely because of the time they invest but the intensity of the work they put in. This video interview of Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer in the world explains what it means to be in your peak performance zone!

Can you also be in that peak performance zone?

Of course!

Before I continue, what you must remember is that we are all creatures of habits. So, it is only a matter of creating a better habit for you with work from home careers! 

Here are some steps that you can implement immediately to create great work from home careers environment.

Set Daily Goals

I cannot stress the importance of this enough! 

And you know it too!

As you start your day, before you get distracted by the family, ensure that you dedicate at least 20mins every morning to set your daily goals. This process should be done in complete silence without any disturbance. It feels uneasy initially, however, as you get the hang of doing it, you will appreciate its power!

After all, how can you control the rest of the 23hours and 40mins if you cannot control this 20mins of your life?

Firstly, I must stress that it must all be handwritten on a piece of paper or in a nice journal. Just jotting it in your mind is not going to work! Hand writing somehow connects you to the universe and works magic.

Think about how you are going to dedicate the next 24hours of your time. What you want to remember is to have enough of balance 

  • Time for family
  • Time for health like exercising and meals
  • Time for work
  • Time to relax
  • Time to grow your mind

Most importantly, is there time allocated everyday that you are investing for the future? For example, you may be busy doing the assignments and project for this month. Do you dedicate time to build your work from home careers? Even an hour will impact your life significantly!

Your goals should fit the S.M.A.R.T. criteria

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Time bound

Ensure that you carry out this process for at least 21 days as that is how long it needs to get your mind to accept this habit. Upon mastering goal setting, you will realise that whatever distractions that comes along, you will be able to very quickly get back in focus for the rest of the day!

Assign Specific Time To Work

Each of us have our 'best time'. What is this best time that you can allocate for your work from home careers? Well, it could be a time where you get the least distraction from your surroundings for example when your kids are at school or when they are asleep.

It could also be the time when you feel your mind is able to work best. Some people get their creative juices late at night. Whilst some people get inspired during the dawn. 

You will know your best... and you actually know it!

The problem is that we often do not use this time to create best results for us.

Make a commitment today and dedicate specific time for your work.

If it is 9am to 11am, follow that!

It will very quickly train your subconscious mind to accept this new routine.

For example, I realized that my best time is to start work in the morning. That will keep me focused on my work throughout the day. If for some reason, I had to do other stuff to start the day, it is often quite challenging to get my focus and train of thoughts.

Create Your Work Zone

I was tempted to call this your work environment. However, some of us may not have this privelege of having a dedicated work environment. Hence, work zone is most appropriate as it is a zone that we put our minds in. Of course, the environment helps for most of us.

Our subconscious mind has been programmed to work the way it needs to according to its environments. You may not even realise it!

For example, we have programed our mind that when we are on the bed, it is time to sleep. Hence, when we read on the bed, it is often difficult to concentrate for long before we actually fall asleep. 

Or when you are in your living room, it is often an automatic response for us to turn on the television.

Hence, find an area in your home where you can make it your work place. Everytime you need to work, ensure you do it there. And don't use that area for anything else. It creates very good subsconscious programming.

Have a nice work table... or you can very quickly and easy transform your existing work area without costing too much by adding accessories to make this a place you want to work in. Let me show you examples...

home decorBefore

home decor2After
Just by adding a notice board, you can create different work zone and to help you organize your work.

Click to see more home office decor ideas

Communicate To Others

Inform people about this new arrangements to help you to work more effectively at home. Get an agreement from them that when you are in the work zone, you are doing your work and unless urgent, to refrain from interfering.

When communicated effectively, it becomes fair to others as you are now able to effectively spend quality time away from work when you are not in your work zone. They will appreciate this of you.

Your spouse may even support you by dedicating this time to help look after the kids and not distract you.

Manage Your Distractions

Last but not least, there are still bound to be distractions and it is our responsibility to learn to cope with them. home office decor

As we are focusing on our work, there are many times thoughts just creeps up. For example, have I paid the bills? have I done this? has he done that? etc...

Before you jump on your feet and try to attend to these... try this out.

Have a note pad with you all the time.

The moment these thoughts appears, jot them down so that you can attend to them after you have finish your work zone time.

On the other hand, having a notice board at your work zone allows your loved ones to leave you messages and not interfere you during your peak performance zone time.

Think about it... even if you can have 1 hour of dedicated peak performance zone time everyday, it will surmount to amazing results for your work from home careers! Most importantly, you are able to create a wonderful work life balance with your family. More importantly, you will feel the deep sense of accomplishment with this arrangement without feeling stressed!

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